Guys You Really Don't Want To Date

He gets too intimate, too soon!: When a guy seems so eager at first, it’s never a good sign. It might be just to get into your pants, but he acts so much like he won’t live another day if you don’t agree to his plea. You hear him boldly say to you that he has never felt this way before for a girl. If he is a player, this is one of his tricks to get you into bed with him.

On a second thought, he might just be a guy that isn’t over his ex and just wants affection so bad from another source. You can easily spot this, especially when he acts as though you are already his girlfriend and takes charge of your whole affairs just only after meeting him for few dates.

On another thought, if he’s not a player, that might actually be his way of showing emotions or have self esteem issues, or serious attachment issues. Any one of these options sounds disturbing.

If you are already in this kind of relationship, then it is time to slow things down, you don’t see him every time he wants to see you. If he is this kind of guy, he will pressure you, guilt you, persuade you, beg you, don’t get carried away!!!

Remember, the man you’re dating should always respect your boundaries.

He has evident commitment issues: He says he doesn’t want a serious relationship, he will not call you his girlfriend, and he won’t call you when you guys have gotten to that stage. He is over 30 years of age and has never been in a serious relationship (not even a 2years relationship). It does not matter what his past girlfriends have done, he just doesn’t want a relationship with you. Do not try to change him or wait till he turns around. You are just wasting your precious time.

If you are already in that relationship, you need to set these issues straight or leave if he won’t change his mind. Tell him things like “I’m not into this casual dating people do nowadays”, “it was lovely on all this outings, but I am looking for something more serious”

If he really wants to be with you, he will make you know his intentions, if not, leaving is your best option. A great mistake would be staying around to show him how amazing you are, it won’t yield anything positive if his mind is made up on “NO STRINGS ATTACHED”

Don’t hurt his feelings. Just be honest about your desires. Just like neediness is one of the biggest turn offs for men, self respect is one of the biggest turn on. Respect yourself and don’t be afraid to leave if the other person isn’t ready to give you what you want.

No ambition kinda Guy: The traits you need to look out for in a guy are Confidence, stability and goal-driven, ambition. Yes he can probably not have all, but at least two of these should be obvious about him.

Comparing facts, Ladies gain their self respect and worthiness from their inter-personal relationships, Guys gain theirs based on their kind of job, and ability to make a change in the world or community they are in. when guys feel like they are not making any change, they feel useless. And a guy that feels useless becomes diffident, hard to please or understand.

When a guys starts to feel uncomfortable with his job, his confidence or self esteem may not be all fine, but this same guy knows that he has to work (that makes him stable) and he has ambition, then he has two out of the things a lady is looking out for, he is good to go. His self esteem can be worked on, and his job can change anytime.

A guy that does not have a career or a job, he does not have any bearing with his life, is a guy that will be so focused on himself and think a lot on how he would get one. He would not have time to be in agreement to your needs or desires.

He would bring you down with his less than zero attitude, or he might envy you if you seem to have everything going in order for you. At this point there is no loving and caring one here, he’s busy looking for how to get a job and become important.

If you’re dating him right now: Do not tell him to get a job or change his job or offer other career or life advice. It will only make him feel more like a loser.

The Hungry Artist (Superstar): These set of guys are probably the hardest to deal with. At a point, he is loving, then later hateful, and you will never be able to comprehend. If you give him too much attention you’ll scare him, give him too little attention he’ll be too afraid to make any moves. Show him the right amount of attention and he’ll just get bored.

They draw up a mental representation of a princess they are meant to be dating, and when time passes, and they are unable to get one, they become invincible. I blame this behavior on their lack of intellect and ability to rationalize their feelings (as most men often do).

If you’re dating him right now: I wouldn’t worry too much about where this is going as this guy is usually worse off than the jobless guy and it will probably take him at least double the time it takes the other guy to get his act together (if he ever does).

If you find yourself involved with such a guy, have your fun then be done with it. Keep things casual, hope that the sex is good but don’t get involved emotionally. If it’s really meant to be, then you’ll make it be, but chances are that’s not really going to happen.

Always have a girlfriend kinda guy: You have to be extremely careful of the guy that goes from one relationship to another, without any time in between. Understanding this is very important because this guy has a lot of unresolved issues and painful feelings buried deep down inside him.

There’s a big chance that he has never actually healed from his past relationships and hasn’t had a chance to develop an identity outside of a relationship. The stranger thing is that he has probably reached a point in which he only sees himself only through the eyes of the person he’s in a relationship with and has probably shaped his self image purely based on what is reflected back at him.

If you’re dating him right now: Take it slow and keep an open mind. Do not commit or become official too soon (first few months of dating). Give him the space that he doesn’t know he needs, to work through all those residual feelings or whatever else he still has from his last babe (and the ones before).

If he starts to pressure you, let him know that since he just came out of relationship you want to take it slow. If he asks a lot of questions tell him that you’re afraid he might still have feelings for the ex and that he should even take a f

You might think that letting go of a guy that has potential is a bad idea but believe me, if he really has potential he will take those weeks off and come back to you. Quality men will never let quality women slip from their fingers and will often do whatever is necessary to get that quality woman.

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