Relaxation Habit Now A Moral Decadence

Forms of relaxation have changed over time from the era of cinemas and discos, to clubs and strip joints. As such we review the evolution of relaxation habits over the years and how it has paved way for moral decadence.

Relaxation for anyone is inevitable. And for fun seekers, an opportunity to loosen up and enjoy the buzz is the way to go about it. Over time, major means of relaxations have grown from visits to cinemas, stadiums and discos, as it was back in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, to high patronage of clubs and strip joints. And over time, things which used to be considered as immoral have become acceptable as a normal routine in the society.

Prior to the advent of home video in Nigeria, the cinema was one of the major means of entertainment and relaxation in the country, as people had a vibrant cinema culture at the time.

Asides the cinemas, pepper soup joints, recreational clubs, stadiums, zoos and the sorts were the customary forms of relaxation back in the days.

However, in modern times, relaxation has grown from just unwinding to risk prone activities, turning more youths into night crawlers and strip club fanatics. The serene atmospheres of cinemas have drastically been replaced by grooving clubs and strip joints, creating an era of moral decadence.

I just continue to wonder how youths nowadays cope with the energy consuming activities they tag as relaxations and expect to be productive with minds that are wrongly fed; Which obviously would also affect their focus

Just a little drift from my main course, i cant stop asking myself these questions. Can we truly be leaders with this same ugly mindset? How can we even see opportunities when we have burnt out our entire energy in a very unproductive way to go, when relaxation is considered?

Now it dawns on me why the level of unemployment will continue to increase

Considering all this major factors that occupies our mind, we should also not be quick to forget that life will always make everything available but what truly brings progress is to understand what motivates us and capitalize on it by adding value in this direction. In so doing, we will create a demand and in turn get paid.

I remember when the company I work for now was registered, my salary as at that time was twenty nine thousand naira (29,000). Honestly, I had a choice to enjoy at a strip club and get a lap dance for few minutes with more than half of what I earn every month but my decision was different even though it wasn’t the most interesting decision. Now, we have been able to build one of the most promising Music Business Promotions Company with a long list of clientele spanning across Lagos, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada. Not so easy right? But it was a mind with a focus, driven by passion that was able to face the challenges.

I put my question to you, are you truly the leader of tomorrow? Will your current method of relaxation help you to become a better leader if opportune? Or let me rephrase it this way; in what direction are you burning your energy as a youth who is to be a leader tomorrow?

A few reasonable social observers have noted that the style of relaxation in the country has changed. From the dressing to the kind of music played, activities in relaxation centers in modern terms have deteriorated. Parents spoken with were of the opinion that youths nowadays have taken things to the extreme and the new phase of relaxation has contributed to the upsurge of immorality among Nigerian youths.

For example, almost all houses on Opebi Allen now has a  Strip club, no matter how small it is and by Wednesday evening, the fun has already started with many clubs on lockdowns on Fridays. These clubs over time have grown into strip joints, where young girls who have lost all sense of modesty, dance naked for stipends, as the men in turn watch them with their lips drooping while their sexual urges are being stimulated. How productive is the mind fed from these activities? It is fast growing to become a normal trend. I have seen people have sex on the dance floor before, with so many people around. They just pick a less crowded spot on the dance floor and stylishly go about it. It is a normal thing to see at the clubs.

Movies are important tools, which have shaped the orientation of youths over time. They watch movies about robbery, drugs, they copy the dress sense and soon, it becomes a trend.

Many mothers are even guilty of wrong style of dressing. When they wear a dress that exposes half of their cleavage, then the daughter would see no harm in doing the same.

Also, the style of music has changed with time. Tempo of songs has been intensified from the classy tunes, to the ‘go down low’ styles. Contrary to the olden days when song lyrics determined good music, these days, the beat does since many of the songs played nowadays sound like banging heavy metals together.

Also, another phase of relaxation and youthful exuberance that has gained a place as normal, yet considered obscene back in the days is the era of sugar mummies. Relationships between older men and young ladies were said to have existed minimally back in the days, but that of older women to young boys was an eyesore that anyone involved would prefer to keep a secret.

However, today, being a gigolo to older women has become a trend “Dating older women then was considered a taboo and the only weird case in the relationship arena was ladies dating older men. And even where it occurred, it often ended up in marriage. The lady might end up being the man’s second or third wife, but they would formalize the union. Over time, there has been an alarming increase in the rate of sugar mummies and daddies. Young ladies openly date older men and the boys also service the older women to get paid, it has been observed.

Suggesting greed and poverty as the reason for this, two factors had instilled a lack of morals in youths nowadays. “Many young millionaires between ages 21 and 25 have emerged over time and they cannot boldly state how they have made their money. They spend lavishly and other youths desiring a sense of belonging, try to get rich at all cost.

Poverty has played its parts in the deterioration of morals in the society. Back in the days, you could not just walk into a lady’s house, for fear of what the parents would do to you, but nowadays, parents receive anyone that can afford to put food on their table with open arms, not minding the consequences or effects on their wards. And where the parents are not comfortable with such relationships, there is little or nothing they could do, because you cannot have control over a child you cannot cater for.

With these defects needing urgent rectification, many people have offered that discipline should first be instilled in parents, before the children could be turned. A responsible family builds up to communities, then to a successful nation

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