Top Secret: Sell Your Brand With Just One Sentence

You trust in the quality of your imagination and dreams, but how do you make people pause and pay close attention to what you have to say? Often times there’s little time getting people’s undivided attention, whether you need to talk to an investor or a potential customer. This is the key reason you need to be able to give a summary on the usefulness of your business idea in a single, knock-out sentence (a direct sentence with a driving force that stops whoever reads or listens, and blows their mind). The profit from a good one-line statement should make the listener or reader go “I want to know more about this”

I have come to know that if i skillfully say the correct sentence; that is all I need to get someone to hear out my idea or point, open my letter, email, or receive my phone calls. I remember the day I read about the iPod and Steve Jobs called it “a thousand songs in your pocket”. Yikes!!, that’s charming. He was not going to explain further before I decided this was going to be my new toy.

No one wants to know how something functions; they only care about what it is going to do for them.

Blogs, websites, movie adverts, and newspapers have been using headlines for long, but you finding yourself buying the paper or visiting the website only meant one thing; the headline was really tempting. It totally gave out the content of the write-up or the video. Producing quality one-line profit statements is not so easy, but it’s essential. It can be used to narrate your idea in so many situations and attractive manner; and make it productive.

Sometimes, you only get one chance to make an impression. Cut through the clutter to make it count! Here are three ways to create an awesome one-line benefit statement:

1. Put Your Emotions To Work: what makes you think people care about what you have to say? Catch them with something they can connect with.  Benefits sell ideas, not facts. What profit is it going to be to the customer or investor? Don’t be scared to use emotion. People are motivated by their emotions more often than they are motivated by reason. Emotions arouse visual imagination. If people can begin to consider your idea, that’s a great achievement. Some of these words include: “it’s free”, “amazing”, “incredible”.

2. Be Precise: I mean not more than 10 to 15 words, like really short. What to remember is that you do not have much time in your hands. If it is too long, people may move or pay less attention to what you would have to say, even before you finish saying or reading it. Do not be intimidated by using lesser words. It’s good work-out. Brevity forces clarity.

3. Make use of Figures: Numbers portrays specificity. Most especially headlines or captions that have numbers, people pay more attention to that. Here are some examples of one-line benefit statements that I have used with great success in the past:

    • “Unarguably the number one rated in.”
    • “50%-60% off all Sales.”
    •  “Last Minutes sales, everything must go.”
    • “Why Pay More on Less”
    • “This label will increase space on your packaging by 75 percent.”

Attempt possible statements on your friends and people you know. See which one has the best effect. Then ask for feedback/suggestions. Start making use of these lines everywhere. When someone wants to know more about your product, you will be prepared to give a very good reply!

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