The Blogging Nightmare

Since the evolution of social media and the take over of internet over TV, we have seen the rise and rise of many blogs. Now, i’m not trying to stump on anyone’s hustle, but most of these blogs are bull faeces covered in maggots!

Blogging should be fun and informative, and truthful. It should be about a life lived or how a situation can be bettered, recipes, fun pictures, life tips….Original! You get my drift? But in Nigeria, no. It has become the staple for gossip and many untruths all in the name of driving traffic.

What even makes it worse is how uncreative most of these bloggers are. They always put up the dumbest headlines and gists. Who cares if Wizkid just took a dump? Or that Tonto just grew her hair back? Or that Davido can actually sing?! Be creative, dammit!

If you are so bent on being a gossip blogger because you have dreams to make money like Linda Ikeji, then put the work in! Do your homework. Know what sells a blog. Its not really about how many hits you get a day, its about how much controversy that one write up can stir. Make the headline catchy enough to make people curious. Write the main gist in a way that people feel you are talking to them directly. After all, isn’t that what gossiping is about?

And please, I beg you, stop with the copy and paste madness! The least you can do is take the same gossip and rewrite in your own words. Why should I click on five different blog links and read the same gist word for word over again?!! And yet you wonder why no one advertises on your blog.

One reason I love TMZ and Media Takeout is because, even though we know they mostly peddle false gist, we still can’t get enough of them. So, if you’re one of the afore mentioned bloggers, I am hoping this expo I gave would help you. For those who lack any form of creativity, and only started blogging in hopes of fast cash and popularity, I totally advice you to stop the madness and go get a real job. In short, get a life.

Blogging is an art, and y’all be dumping on a Picasso with your fake ass ‘Mon-Ami’ watercolor you call blogs.

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