Beyonce’s Fans are Convinced she’s currently in the Hospital for the Birth of her Twins

Has Beyonce given birth and/or is she currently in labor with her twin babies!?

The Beyhive is going nuts over the possibility.

According to reports from E! News, the 35-year-old entertainer is at an L.A.-based hospital right now. According to reports from Just Jared, black SUVs that resemble Beyonce and Jay Z’s normal security detail were seen leaving her neighborhood and heading straight to a hospital.

The Beyhive has been buzzing all day on social media, especially after celeb hairstylist Chuck Amos’s recent Instagram photo! He posted a photo of him with Beyonce, with the caption, “Hang in there, Mama! You @Beyonce!!”

In anticipation of the birth news, Here’s an illustration that Ray Styles Studiosshared in February of the Carter family with their new additions.

See some tweets from the Beyhive below.

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