Jay-Z and Kanye West feud will continue as long as the carters don’t accept Kim kardashian

Jay-Z and Kanye West used to be very close and made great music together over the years.
Beyonce’s husband was even some kind of mentor and father figure for Kim Kardashian ’s spouse.
The New York rapper helped West gained confidence in his abilities, and his younger friend gave him more creative juice.
The collaboration worked well until West and Kardashian got married in 2014, and his close pal decided not to be present.
According to rumors, as music’s royal couple, Queen Bey and Jay did not feel like the reality television icon was worthy of being their equal.
This situation created a wedge between the two legendary hip-hop music stars, and things have never been the same ever since.
After West had attacked Jay during one of his infamous rants, the “Moonlight” singer felt it was time to hit back, and he did it quite a bit on his 4: 44 album that was released earlier this year.
A report surfaced over the weekend, and it suggested that the “Gold Digger” artist is willing to end the feud with the father of three if in exchange his wife will get the full respect that she deserves.
A source told a popular entertainment news website: “Jay and Kanye still haven’t put their differences aside and the longer the feud goes on, the more difficult it will become for either of them to bring an end to it. They have never fully accepted Kim.”
The insider added: “They have put on a show of being friendly, but it has always been pretty hollow and inauthentic, and Kanye finds that unacceptable. He is sick of Jay looking down on him and treating him like he is not an equal. Kanye did not reach out to Jay after the twins were born which would have been a perfect time to extend an olive branch, but Kanye does not feel that is up to him. As far as he is concerned, it is Jay that should be the one trying to make amends.”

Experts in the music industry believe that those two will make peace at some point in the future because it will be good for business.

Commenters are pretty divided, on the one hand, they understand Jay’s love of privacy, and on the other, they do not feel like it is necessary to look down on a good friend.

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