The future of Nigeria hiphop

With just a meager 7k follows on Twitter it is evident POE is yet to stand his ground in the music industry. No one has ever doubted his talent though , he is so good don jazzy signed him (jazzy signed a RAPPER!!!).
After rising to prominence as an affiliate of rap duo Show Dem Camp, the Lagos-based emcee forged his solo path with fan favorites “Ko Ye Won” and “Gbe Sile”, before becoming a breakout star with hit single “Adore Her”.

We’ve seen the crème de la crème of the hip hop genre has feature him, that attest to how he respected he is.
The intellectual rapper who drops lifelines instead of punchlines is in all honest way ahead of others both rappers and fans alike in terms of rap, the hiphop culture is not even well developed enough to accommodate his style, and he has tried dumbing it down ever since joining MAVINS. He has been pretty much busy dropping tracks like #lifelines, #manalready, #theysee, #MrPoeMrIce this year .
He is one to be watched out for because he is the future of Nigerian hip hop

Do you believe poe is the future of Nigerian hiphop?

Seyi Shakespear'

Seyi Shakespear'

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