How Do You Solve A Problem Like Eedris Abdulkareem?

I have always been one who respects the music pioneers of Nigeria, especially those that helped open the way for new music. Now, Eedris Abdulkareem is one of such. Say what you will, but when the group Remedies were still hot in the music market, we all looked forward to hear one of his “migidi figidi” lines. Yes, we had no clue what he was saying, but we liked how it sounded. Kinda reminds me of Terry G now. Discussing Eedris’ music is not for today. I’ve got something else that bothers me.
We all remember that incident with 50cent and Eedris right? Well, that is one fight I really didn’t care for. I thought it was a little bit blown out of proportion so I hardly paid it any mind. Apparently, Eedris had only just started his episodes of “who’s next on my fight list”. For years now, he has fought with practically every one in the industry, even the government.
Yes, I know he prides himself as one who speaks the ‘truth’, but what really is he all about? Why must he threaten and fight people in the same industry that help his career? Why hasn’t he been called to order by his label? Why is he still under Kennis sef? Is he still an artist? Ok, I digress a bit!
Uncle Eedris, I think thou doest protest much over nothing. You have become a drama queen of some sorts. Now, all the media does is feast on your various ranting delicacies just so they can fill up the extra void on their news-sphere. And, no, not all publicity is good. If this is your way of ‘staying relevant’ then I do have to let you know that no one really cares that much.
It was all fun and games when you started the fight for entertainers at home against those brought in. We didn’t mind because of the good intentions behind that fight. But I do need to say this sir, you need to work on your approach. Being aggressive over issues that should be handled maturely only leaves you looking quite, pardon my french, silly.
 Then again, I need to ask, are these outbursts for real or is it just a major publicity stunt? I’m only asking because I heard you pulled another one recently, yet you failed to follow through with your threats. First, it was an attack on Mr Nomoreloss via social media,
then Obasanjo Haba!IMG_00000454_edit
If you’re really the trouble maker you have been tagged as, instead of empty threats, show us you mean business!
All being said and done, the truth is, we really can’t take you serious anymore. You’re beginning to sound like a broken record and we need a new sound. On a totally unrelated note, what’s up with your music? I think that should be something you should concentrate more on, no?

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