The 'Celeb' Stupidity

Soon as some certain people in the entertainment gain celeb status they tend to do the dumbest things all in the name of ‘staying relevant’. The list is endless on the dumb stuff they do, but today I’m only going to talk on one particular issue that has got me somewhat upset.

You know how when someone is in need of financial help from the public, because of health issues, people pledge to help, right? Well, Nigerian celebs have made that in to a thing whereby they can gain certain publicity from their ‘generosity’. Ever since Don Jazzy gave one million naira to that babe that had cancer, other celebrities have seen it as a thing of getting a higher status by pulling such a publicity stunt. Yet they forget that what really matters is the life on the line of which they should be worried about saving.

A recent development which was brought to my attention is what has brought about this write up. We all remember when OJB was in dire need of our help because of the operation he needed to go for so as to be given a second chance at life, right? Do we also remember how many celebs wrote cheques for him? Yes, we do! Guess what? Some of those cheques bounced! As in, they bounced hard. And said cheques were from very popular celebrities! We thank God for those who really sent in money to help out. OJB is alive, hale and healthy.

Now, I think it’s a little bit insensitive and inhumane to send someone a dud cheque knowing fully well that his health was at stake. Why send in what you can’t afford all because you want a few blogs and news channels to read out your name during the headlines? What sort of dumb publicity stunt is that? Did you not know that we would all later find out? Or is it that you weren’t banking on OJB’s return?(God forbid).

A little advice for all you media whores(topic for another day), cease from such dumb acts, hire a good publicist and work on new ways to stay relevant instead of embarrassing yourself and brand! Don’t think I won’t be watching out for your next misstep, it’s my job to call you out when you err.

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