The Entertainment Industry 'Fail and Fade' Syndrome

The Nigerian entertainment industry is by far one of the weirdest there has ever been! How we operate is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Why? Because we have the weirdest ideologies on how things should be done, or how certain celebs should act. One thing though that doesn’t change, world over, is the ‘fall and fall’ of a celeb.

We have seen, time after time, a celebrity hit rock bottom and stay there cuddling the stones. Maybe other countries would consider giving their once-upon-a-time-idol another chance, but in Nigeria, one mistake is all it takes.

You say the wrong thing, produce the wrong type of ‘music’, dress in a certain way that gets frowns, tweet dumb self incriminating stuff, insult the media unjustly or even your fans…that’s all it takes in Nigeria to end your career! No second chances for you.

I have watched many celebrities, young and old, go down this same path. Its like no one seems to learn from others’ mistakes. This makes me wonder what would become of the future generation.

I have watched music legends destroy their careers with drugs, sex and plain stupid choices. I have recently witnessed young but budding acts tow the same lane. You blind, blad?!! Don’t you know that Nigerians are very unforgiving? One dumb move on your part and its ‘bye bye celeb status’!

So, here is my yuletide advice to all you artistes that think you have ‘arrived’ and that is making you ‘do anyhow’, you better calm down! Wanna know why Tuface and Psquare are still relevant? Not only do they have music consistency, they are HUMBLE! Learn that shii, young blad! Stop tweeting like a retard and focus on what really matters; staying strong in the game.

Don’t forget, your fans buy your music, so when you insult them, you’re the one who loses out. Also, respect the media. I know we don’t get it right all the time, but that doesn’t give you the right to start a twitter war on us. Without the media, your works are nothing. In the new year, please be wise and cautious. Get a good publicist and change your game face.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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