Yemi Alade, Finally a DIVA?

I have known Yemi Alade personally for almost two years, and in those two years I have seen her fluctuate from sassy to sexy to down right ‘scuse me?. Yes, we all agree that she can sing, and that she is beautiful, but for a while now her choice of outfit for events and performances have been a great concern of mine. I get that as a female singer who is faced with competition from the likes of Tiwa Savage and Omawumi she needs to carve her own niche, but why go so off???

There are times I wonder what really she’s selling, her over dressed self or her music. I hope for her sake it’s only the music. I understand the need to stand out as an artist, either fashion-wise or lifestyle-wise, but go about it the right way. Until recently, Yemi Alade’s style gave me sleepless nights, even though i’m a chronic insomniac. There is this blue shoe in particular that I want her to get rid off. That shoe has rocked more events than Yemi herself! Thankfully, the fashion gods have shown us mercy by sending Yemi a stylist that is almost getting it right.

Now, back to her music for a bit. I fell in love with Yemi Alade the first time I saw her perform at One Mic Naija as an upcoming artist. The fact that she blended well with the live band, and also carried her audience along, blew me away! I call it ‘love at first watch’. We became fast friends after that. Now, fast forward to Dec 8th 2013, I saw a diva on stage. For some time now I had watched Yemi grow musically. To be honest, there was a period I was worried because she dropped some below par songs that were a waste of her beautiful vocals. Then she dropped ‘Johnny’. At first I thought the lyrics were too ‘thin’, then I realised that I heard the unfinished version first.

First time I saw her perform ‘Johnny’ was at Road Runners during the RELOADED Magazine club tour. I was impressed by her energy on stage and how she wowed the audience. I thought that was the best her I had seen, not even close. During the recent One Mic Naija, she was billed to perform. I got there early enough so I could get front row seats, I’m so happy I did. By the time she got on the stage, she set it ablaze! Her energy was fierce! Her dance moves were so captivating! Don’t even get me started on her vocals… That girl can SING!!! Even while she jumped off and on the stage through out her performance, she wasn’t out of breath. Now, that’s talent yo!

What made an impression most on me was her outfit. I looooooved it! I can honestly say she channeled Beyonce on stage. When she was done, all I could think was “Finally, Yemi Alade has evolved into a DIVA!”. You go girl. Keep this up and soon people would be like “Tiwa who?”.

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