The Curious Case Of Maheeda

I have since been a silent watcher of this character called Maheeda. In so many ways, she fascinates me. I mean, how often do you get to meet or hear of someone who started out as a sex worker, then pop artist, then gospel artist and now a ‘nudist’ artist?! Not even Denrele with his many hair color changes can’t keep up!

In many ways, Maheeda leaves one very dizzy. Not just when she drops nudes online, but also with her ‘gbagauns’ whenever she tweets. She would be a priced patient for any renowned therapist. Seriously, no amount of ‘daddy issues’ would result in this character called Maheeda.

I really was hoping that I wouldn’t need to write on her, then I watched her video.. Those 5minutes I wasted watching her and her army of horny teenagers, who had hard-ons in plain view..I wish I spent it trolling instead. I’m sure I’d have found a perv worth stalking than having to watch that video again!

So then, with all being put into consideration, what is a Maheeda? I’m asking because I am very confused! Sing, she can’t. Dance, for where? Act porn, she no gree! Then I’m really lost. Why is she always in the news?! Why the heck are we giving so much room for her nonsense? Are we that bored in the entertainment industry that we would take a talent-less titties exposing babe over improving our hidden talents and supporting them?!!

I think it is high time we ignore this Maheeda character and face more important issues like why I am still single. Lol! Anything would be more interesting to discuss than her. Bloggers and co, take note.

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