The Clothes Rule


People don’t have time to “figure you out” !

They’ll rate you by your look, therefore the need for enlightenment about how to pick out wears and wear them without altering the beauty of the clothes or that of yourself.

 There’s dressing differently because you don’t care, and there’s dressing differently to express yourself. If you care at all about your place in society as a whole, then it’s important to understand the difference.

“Dress the way you want to be addressed” they say, knowing how to put your clothes together brings out the beauty the clothing carries hereby enhancing your look.

I’ve come up with a short list of observations about clothes that have helped me think things through better when developing my own style. I had no teachers and had to learn all this stuff on my own. So to girls, this list might sound a little obvious… but trust me… to a lot of guys out there, it’s breakthrough stuff:

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Three Rules For Clothes

Rule #1. Clothes are seldom worn in isolation – it’s not about the individual shirt you like, but how you wear it WITH something else. It’s not about liking a particular pair of shoes, but knowing WHAT ELSE you are going to wear them with. I recently bought a pair of black/red Ralph Lauren sneakers. Thought they were pretty cool. But I ended up taking them back for a refund. Why? Couldn’t wear them with anything that looked right. When I was little, my mom used to come home with a new shirt for me and say something like “Hey, look at this new shirt I got you today at the store… isn’t it great?” Well, yeah, it’s a good shirt and all, but guess what? I don’t go to school dressed in ONLY a shirt and nothing else. I didn’t have the right clothes to supplement the shirt, so therefore it looked like a piece of crap on me. So before you buy ANYTHING… always make sure you can visualize in your mind at LEAST 3 different ways to wear it with other things you already have or can easily obtain.

Rule #2. Most designer brands REALLY ARE worth the higher price tag. The reason why you pay more for designer brands isn’t so much the vain sense of status and recognition (although those do play a role) as it is more about the particular FIT, QUALITY of materials, CUT of the fabric and overall STYLE of the piece. Once I started to really study this stuff, I realized all the quality material, all the best designs, all the perfect fits, all the most unique pieces came from the bigger names in fashion. Everyone else just copied off of them, often times very poorly (with a few notable exceptions.) Find two or three brand you really identify with and get ONLY their stuff. You’ll spend more on less, but it’s better to have a few great things to wear than a ton of crap.

Rule #3. There’s no excuse for a bad body. Let’s face it – when you’re fat, you get the worst choices of clothes. Even some of the best stuff out there will look terrible if you’ve got a pear-shaped midsection. If this applies to you, know first hand: there’s really no hiding it. You’re not fooling anyone. Bigger sizes will only make you look puffier and you’ll never achieve the slim cut style needed for timeless dictinction.Bottom line is: you gotta lose the weight, especially if it’s making you unhappy. You can mask those rolls all day but in the end, your options are VERY limited. Clothes are not only about what else they’re worn with, but also what they’re covering. Make sure they’ve covering your real body, and not some temporary distortion.

Your clothes provide a visual aspect to your own consciousness. Through clothes, we reinvent ourselves every time we get dressed. Our wardrobe is our visual vocabulary, and style is our distinctive pattern of speech – our individual poetry.

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