Ten Ways to Establishing Substantial Relationships with Customers  

By Ayodele Odunsi (gaspromotions4u2@gmail.com)

When your customer realizes there’s more to the relationship than just a financial transaction, you both win.

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  1. Speak Their Language. Every business has its own language but becoming a successful business is to understand how to relate properly with both the very intelligent and less intelligent client. Bottom line they both have to be comfortable to part with their money. as such, been able to speak their language is determined by being able to relate with them on different levels making them understand that they will always win working with you. You want to be sure your communication with your customers, or prospects, is in a language they totally understand.
  1. Segment Your Customer List.No two customers are the same. Being able to speak to your unique customers, in unique ways, is one of the true keys to building strong customer relationships. When communication with your clients is personalized, it creates a whole new dynamic. Sending daily e-mail blasts is one thing, but sending something that makes a personal connection is a game-changer. So how do you do this? One way is to survey them and move customers to new lists. Another way is to use the tools available. Email Marketing tools like a Weber give you the ability to segment lists based on who clicked what link, who opened what email, and who didn’t open it. That’s a great start.customer relationship @gaspromotionsng.com (4)
  1. Increase Involvement.Make sure you consistently involve your customers with your business by sending them personal emails that begins with their first name. Holding special events, gatherings, contests – anything that increases involvement will strengthen those relationships. This way you can build a community within your business.
  1. Show Customer Testimonial. Customers like to be king, so show new customers the behaviours your best customers exhibit which tends to make them move your way. The old customers don’t just automatically come back again and again. Show them how many customers come to your special events. Show them how customers have been rewarded for loyalty. This all becomes great content for blog posts, social media, and newsletters.
  1. Build Trust.You can take advantage of other businesses relationships by creating strategic partnerships and alliacustomer relationship @gaspromotionsng.com (5)nces. A business focused on retention knows it has an incredible weapon in its arsenal – referrals. When I’ve built incredible relationships with my own customers, I’ve built trust. And they’re usually willing trust another friend, if I’m willing to vouch for them. Look for ways you can leverage on others’ relationships.
  1. Constant Engagement.You know that weird feeling when your old high school fling requests to be friends with you on Facebook? A long time ago there was a relationship, but not anymore. You’ve moved on. Frequency of communication matters. Some companies fear that communicating too often will annoy customers, but the best companies look for ways to engage customers as often as possible. The secret to not annoying them is ensuring all your communication is relevant, authentic, and valuable.
  1. The Penthouse Suite.Over the years I learnt a concept called ‘High Rise Marketing.’ As relationships develop, customers should always be ascending within your business. Show them the various levels of customer loyalty and the perks associated with each new level. Show customers where to find the elevator so they know how to get to the penthouse.customer relationship @gaspromotionsng.com (2)
  1. Meet Expectations And Build Trust.Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. Your customers and clients need to trust you. Trust is built by continuously doing what you said you would do. When you tell a customer you’ll call them back, do it. When you promise to follow-up, do it. Trust is the sticky glue of great customer relationships.
  1. Authentic Communication And Character. Customers demand authenticity. If multinationals can do it, you have no excuse. You can’t be authentic when you’ve outsourced customer service and social media activities. People buy from people they like. Personality matters.
  1. Publish A Monthly Or Weekly Newsletter.The newsletter is the most tactical item on the list. It’s also one of the most effective things you can do to strengthen customer relationships. Most businesses sit down each month and say, “What kind of fluff can we fill this with?” The best businesses sit down and say, “How can we customer relationship @gaspromotionsng.com (1)use the newsletter to bring incredible value to our customers?” Here are few suggestions to actually make it work for you: customer recognition and rewards, proof and testimonials, pragmatic content, new value offerings, referral generation, events, etc. Look at everything we just covered in points one through nine – that’s what should be in your newsletter.


Reference: Noah Fleming

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