Adele Made £100 Million in 5 Years and £14.5 Million Went to Tax


Adele has earned an incredible £100 million over the past five years, but £14.5million has been claimed by the taxman.
While the 28-year-old singer has reportedly been involved in tax complications in the past, Adele handed over £4million to the Inland Revenue last year and paid £2.5 million in 2014.
Following a particular stellar 2013, the superstar was forced to pay out £6million and dished out £2million across 2012 and 2011.

Adele’s music empire Melted Stone Ltd turned over £30 million last year, earning the star, incredibly, more than £84,000-a-day.
In other words, she’s doing pretty darn well for herself.

The company however earned £16 million profit after cost deductions, £4 million of which went straight to the tax man.
Adele’s previously been pretty vocal about her qualms with the level of tax she pays, saying: ‘I use the NHS, I can’t use the public transport any more.
‘Trains are always late, most state schools are sh*t and I’ve gotta give you, like, four million quid – are you having a laugh?’


The singer isn’t involved in any investment schemes to reduce her taxes, but instructs her accountants to pay tax after deductions like staff wages and operating costs are dished out.
Adele also recently came out top on heat’s 2016 top 30 under 30 rich list, with Daniel Radcliffe and Ed Sheeran close behind.
If you can stomach anymore of Adele’s gigantic earnings, her most recent tour also reportedly bagged over £120 million, in support of her latest album 25.


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