“Your problem is not the next chick but lack of self-love” – Sonia Ogbonna

Motivational blogger Sonia Ogbonna shared her thoughts on women having to fight other women to keep their men.

According to her, if a man truly loves you he will never put you in such a situation.

She posted a quote on Instagram and captioned:

Half of your life you worry about finding a man that will marry you, second half of your life you anxiously and desperately worry about other ladies snatching your man away. Is that one life? When you start seeing every other woman out there as a threat, best believe that has nothing to do with them, but with a nature of your relationship with your “man”. We have been brainwashed through generations with false beliefs that make us think and act like it’s better to be humiliated, depressed and bitter in a relationship/marriage then single but happy and in peace . Baby, you can’t force or COMPETE for Love or live in constant fear of not being good enough, correct enough, sexy enough, interesting enough – a woman enough. Your problem is not the next chick, but lack of self-love, self-awareness, self-investment and disability of understanding your own worth and power you pose as a woman and that is what keeps you settling and tolerating miserable treatments. Good, healthy and loving relationship is not meant for “lucky few” but for those who are bold enough to move away from bitterness and frustration while not settling for nonsense in the name of tradition or “what will people say”. From the bottom of my heart I pray you stop with self-pity and understand the worth of a Queen that you actually are. BOSS UP! You are ENOUGH. You are a blessing. And remember, they will treat you bad only if YOU allow them.

Photo Credit: Instagram – @sonialareinaa

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