The Good In Yahoo

We live in a society that celebrates money, it doesn’t matter where or how it’s made but why wouldn’t she when it’s been crippled by poverty. Politicians have milked the nation dry, looted money meant for each and every one of us but we choose to chastise folks that choose to bring in money from overseas not only are they bringing money into the economy, they have strengthened a sub sector of the economy, the hospitality industry.

But opinion aside let’s talk facts
1) $9.4billion was sent to Nigeria from the US, $94billion from UK
2) 50% of this was through Yahoo
3) in times of recession these folks have found a means to pour in money into the economy
4) the hospitality industry is the fastest growing in the country all thanks to “yahoo boys” because we know we all know their predilection for hotels
5) like it or not it has decreased cultism and hooligans in higher institutions
6) it has reduced robbery drastically

I’d like to break it to you these “Yahoo boys” have improved people and save lives, there is a reason why celebrities celebrate them. The nation is fvcked, I’m a jobless graduate with no cash why won’t I talk to a foreigner. I’m only taking from people that have more than me, “no harm done”, some deluded person would say am only trying to justify myself, he/she would tell me that I’m soiling Nigeria image but what has Nigeria offer me.

I’m only doing what needs to be done.

Seyi Shakespear'

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