DMW artiste mayorkun is yet to find his style

As an artiste what garners you more fame is originality and a distinctive sound. Don’t get me wrong am not saying remaking one particular song and just changing lyrics,but your sound should be obvious in each track, i don’t have to watch a video to know it’s wizkid or its Mr Eazi, it’s something built over the years. That brings me to DMW artiste MAYORKUN, track upon track he has shown he is a very good imitatior no disrespect to his act because even that is hard to pull off beautifully.

Critically, he is yet to convince as an artist. Nobody knows Mayorkun’s true style, nor his depth as an artist. His insistence on cutting corners and utilising short term formulas might work today, but it won’t for long. No artist can build a successful career by riding waves. At some point, they have to be the wave. His work so far feels like marking the script of a kid who cheats during examinations.

He doesn’t score a 100, neither does he really progress in the aim of his education, which is the improvement of his brain and development of his mind. But he does enough to pass through every class and survive yet another semester.

We hope to hearing the real mayorkun someday

Seyi Shakespear'

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