Dammy krane isn’t free yet, Tap jet CEO

Here’s proof Dammy Krane has not been set ‘free’

News recently went round saying that popular musician Dammy Krane who was arrested after he was accused of using stolen credit cards to book a private jet had been set free. Even his close friends claims he is free via Snapchat

Well, Tap Jets, the company Dammy and his accomplice booked the private jet from has released a statement saying that Dammy is not yet a free man

The company’s head of flight safety and security, Mr Konstantin wrote that the court has given the prosecution 180 days to file new charges against Dammy hence, he hasn’t been set free.

“There is a 180-day delay in bringing full charges. Information from our attorney indicated that his accomplice, Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, is giving police full cooperation. This was why they asked for 180 days to bring big charges. So he is not free. Court record says “no action” it does not say “not guilty,” he wrote.

 He was released a few days after he pleaded not guilty to the charges and met his bail condition.

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