6 things you don’t know your body does

1. Did you know that your eyes can actually predict the weather? When your body gets too cold, hypothermia kicks in. Hypothermia is when your blood vessels constrict to save your energy. In really cold weather, those vessels in your eyes will get smaller as a physiological response, and you can actually go blind for a while.

2. You can actually hear a lot better if you turn your left ear towards the person talking. This is what some people unofficially call “super hearing.”

3. All humans are actually subject to shredding. Skin dries and dead skin cells need to come off. It’s important to apply lotion in order to allow the proper removal and prevent any damage to the first layer of your skin.

4. Here’s another case of your body predicting the weather. In extremely cold weather, when the atmospheric drops, you will feel pressure and pain in your joints. Additionally, changes in temperature, upon causing chemical imbalances, can induce migraines.

5. Your pupils can actually give away your true feelings. Research has shown that your pupils actually dilate when you set your sight on someone you have feelings for. You can thank your sympathetic nervous system for that giveaway.

6. You can actually reduce your feel of pain by coughing. So next time you’re due for a shot, coughing can decrease the pain stimuli to your brain allowing you to feel less pain.


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