Osun Decides: Sporadic Shootings And Heavy Patrols In Ile-Ife

As preparations for the rerun of the Osun State gubernatorial election which is to take place tomorrow, Thursday (September 27th) continues, there has been a report of heavy police patrol and sporadic gun shots around ile-ile, Osun State to be precise throughout today.

The gubernatorial election of the Osun State which happens to be an APC governed state state, was declared inconclusive last week Saturday due to some unconfirmed allegations of violence, and snatching of ballot boxes in some parts of the state which some have described as an intentional attempt by APC to sabotage the election, and to prevent PDP who was leading the race by a wide margin, from taking over the state.

Between Saturday and now, Senator Iyiola Omisore who happened to be the gubernatorial aspirant representing the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has reportedly declared his support first for PDP, APC, and at one point told voters to votes for the candidate of their choosing.

As it is a known fact that Senator Omisore is a strong force in his hometown, ile-ife, and remains undefeated in the region even from the previous election that brought the incumbent governor Rauf Aregbesola, and the PDP candidate has also shown dominance in over 17 local government according to the ongoing counting before the last week polls were declared inconclusive, the question to be asked now is what called for the shooting and heavy patrol in ile-ife (Omisore’s stronghold)? Is it to keep the peace, to maintain security, or to scare the people, and maintain the power in the hands of APC? We don’t understand what’s going on, as we are not really sure who Omisore is supporting.

According to video shot from a very tight corner which was released on Instagram by Davido, the shooting happened at Mayfair, ile-ife – the commercial centre of the town which used to be very busy, was cleared off as all market women and sellers are scared, and have cowered for safety.

We would know the answers to these questions tomorrow

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