Cardi B Warned Offset But He Never Listened

Cardi B Offset

Sometimes we blow our big chance because we fail to abide by rules or heed to simple instructions, and warnings. This is the case American rapper, and member of the Migos, Offset who recently got dumped by his wife, Carid B.

Cardi B announced the split on her social media page some days back. But really it sounded like the marriage had ended a long time ago and they’ve just been putting up appearances, and hoping things would go back to the way it used to be. Cardi B who recently turned 26 years old, has a daughter with the ATL rapper named Kulture.

The more reason why I think the matter was way beyond reconciling (Nobody breaks up a marriage with a 5 month old baby in the picture).

Immediately after the break, evidences came up showing what lead to the break up; screenshot proof of Offset organizing a threesome with a Cardi B lookalike, an another Model (what a dark twisted way of loving, when you think you had to have sex with your wife’s lookalike).

Something similar occured In 2017, when Offset allegedly has sex with a dancer on tour, which led Cardi B who is also a multi platinum rapper to sing a song titled “Be Careful”. It is also one of the songs on her record breaking debut album “Invasion Of Privacy”.

Offset couldn’t keep it in his pants, he just had to make Cardi B look like a prophet, because almost everything she said in the song is what seems to be happening now.

In the song, while asking her lover to treat her carefully, she described herself as someone with a “fragile heart”, and can’t take a heart break, although she has been handling it pretty nicely. Since the break up, she was last seen partying in a see through dress, and maintained her social media presence and also showing off her daughter, Kulture for the first time.

She didn’t leave out the fact that she’s so priceless that “he” can’t afford to lose her, she said “… you might a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon’ be misfortunate nigga”.

However, she watered it all down saying; “it’s not a threat, it’s a warning”.

After the release, there was speculations about whether it was Offset she was reffering to or just a hypothetical figure, but in the she mentioned that instead of hurting him the way he has her, she’d rather just dump, and he wound eventually end up back with Karma.

This is where the twist is, I think she was referring Offset. I don’t think she meant ‘Karma’ like payback or boomerang or anything. Offset has a daughter with his ex before Cardi B named Karma, so I think she meant, the only thing he’d have left as she dumps him would be Karma, of course that was before Kulture came into the picture. Now he’d be ending up with not only Karma but also Kulture.

What do you think ?

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